Name : Bridie Heaton
Age : 15

It’s really obvious Britney has had her ups and downs, as she’s always been in the tabloids, this is because the public just can’t get enough of her and she helps sell out every magazine and newspaper extremely well. I mean, I always forget the bad things Britney does, because she’s really, really talented and has a great, bubbly personality. In my opinion everyone should imagine themselves in her hectic shoes and realise she grew up ages ago!, experienced life, had fun and made mistakes, like we all do! Not many people are going to forgot because they are too critical about Britney being skinny and niave again, youtube contributes to this. However they will focus on what happens next with Britney, because it fasinates them.

The first time I uploaded a video on youtube was, to be honest just a little bit of fun! I hadn’t had any experience at all and didn’t know what to expect, i thought 50 views was alot! LOL. It was very fun though. I just enjoyed singing. But now I live and breath singing, and it helps anyone express their feelings, plus the fact that I love music and I can’t go out without my Ipod! And then people started to comment, it was really exciting and all the helpful and true critism has really helped me, and I know I’ve improved. Love all my fans J
My favourite you tube singer that I would recommend is probably Chantelle, she hasn’t been swamped down with some of the fame and seems just a friendly, normal girl from England, and she’s a great singer too, her voice isn’t boring either.

If I could be one person for a day it would probably be Christina Aguilera. Her voice is so so so amazing and she puts so much emotion in every word she sings. I would try out her voice first and just see what a normal day in her shoes is like.

Well firstly I’m an identical twin but you probably already know that!!! I’m also a surfer aswell, and love to drop the big waves, with a few wipe outs! I’m also abit of a party girl aswell, it’s all good fun =)

Okay this is advice for all you readers! Don’t leave nasty comments on people’s videos, even if you think you hate them! That can be upsetting. And well just support any singer you like really, because support has really helped me to improve, J
Love you